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We encourage risk management practices and the development of internal policies and guidelines.  Unfortunately, lack of clear direction and structures affect not only performances, but also communication among family members.

We are a research-oriented office and focus on value-creation.  We will provide advisory services to families on investments including private equities, mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.  We will represent or perform due diligence services.

A family office is a lot more than an investment vehicle for family members.  It is also a place where in addition to dealing with the needs  and the wishes of the family members, it deals with legacies. We will act as advisors and will assist family members with their philanthropic activities.

More and more children and family members live and work in different countries. This increases the complexity of operating a family office. Taxation impacts many investment and estate planning decisions.  We will work with your experts to assist your family's members on taxation issues.   


Philanthropic Activities...





Tax, Retirement, Estate, Philanthropic and Succession (TREPSTM) Planning.