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Using Your New Template

We make it easy to use this template to create a new website. This is an HTML/CSS design, using one or more Style Sheets. The page layouts are produced with simple TABLES and CELLS.

Just remember that each table and each cell are a "world within themselves", containing "classes" that can be matched up with the page's Style Sheet. Some use their own formatting and color commands, but if you look within either the "class" in the style sheet, OR the PROPERTIES of any TABLE or CELL, you'll see what commands they use and you can make modifications that suit you.

WHAT do you REALLY NEED to create a WEBSITE from this template?

The REAL bottom line is that you have enough choices of pages, design layouts and graphics included in this template package to produce a website quickly and easily! You don't have to learn how everything works to be successful at designing your website - all you really need to do is locate a page that offers the layout you need and replace our words with yours!

Browser Compatibility

This web template is designed to accommodate a wide variety of browser resolutions.  While a resolution of 800 x 600 has now become the standard, there are still some who view their pages at 640 x 480. Keep that in mind if you add extra images that would exceed the table width.  This package has been tested in both Internet Explorer 4, 5 and 6 and Netscape 4 through Netscape 6.

Specialized Tools:

Website Road is a great resource that offers access to software for Surveys and Polls, Search Engine Tools and Resources, Graphic Resources and much more!

More Templates or Custom Templates, Additional Pages and more...

Visit the Political Success Group's website to find even more great templates and other resources that will help you get your website together!

Changing Graphics and Images:

We make it easy for you to add your own graphics and images. All you really need to know is that you can switch ours for yours, but if you want the template to retain the same appearance, try to use the same sizes AND images with the same COLORS and tones... The success of a good design is highly dependent on a complementary blend of colors and layouts, so use caution when making changes.

How to change a page name or delete pages:

There are already many pages within this web. In the navigation view, right-click on the page and select "Rename". Try to use names that can also serve as KEYWORDS or keyword phrases - this tactic can help your website's ranking in the search engines.

Delete any pages you don't need - just keep a backup copy of your template and add the pages back in as you need them!