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Fiduciary Services ...

Japa International  works with a selected number of families seeking dedicated and professional financial services and solutions. We particularly focus on services to families with assets or interests in several countries.

As fiscal consideration is key to any investment planning and decision for families with assets in several countries or families planning to expatriate, we maintain relationship with specialists around the world that can assist our clients with their particular needs.  


What we offer our clients...  

Japa International Wealth Management and multi-families office provides advisory and financial expertise to assist families:

1) in the area of advisory and fiduciary services including TREPS planningTM (Tax/ Retirement/ Estate/ Philantropic/ Succession) 

2) in the review of investments including conducting due diligence, providing valuation analysis and negotiation and SWOT analysis.

3) in the review,  planning and management of financial assets including private businesses, real estate and portfolios, and

4) in assisting with family issues.