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Web Success Group™
Web Design Templates
License Agreement

Copyright © 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 Web Success Group

You should carefully read the following terms and conditions before using any Web Success Group™ Web Design Templates and/or accompanying themes.

Your use of the Web Design Templates package indicates your acceptance of the terms of this License Agreement. Web Design Templates World™, et al grants you the following license:

You may use Web Design Templates graphics in a single application. If a graphical image used in the template is accompanied by a copyright symbol or message, this symbol or message may not be removed from the image.

Some random graphical elements within the Web Design Templates and/or theme have been watermarked using the Digimarc® technology. This in no way affects the appearance or performance of your Web Design Template or theme. However, it does allow us to occasionally search and thus find instances where the images are misused. If you have any questions regarding the Digimarc® process, please contact us for details.

Your Web Design Templates may contain elements that rely on additional third-party software that must be purchased separately in order for said element to be modified or perform satisfactorily on your computer.  Such notices are normally marked on each Web Design Templates preview.  Elements which rely on such additional software may be removed and not affect the overall performance of the Web Design Templates and/or theme package.

Once you have purchased the Web Design Templates package, you may only use it for one web site.  If you want to use the same Web Design Templates and theme for multiple clients or on multiple sites, you must purchase the Web Design Templates separately for each client or site.

You may not transfer this Web Design Template to any other user, either group or individual, without the permission of Web Success Group™, except as is needed on multiple computers for use in authoring a single web site.

Purchasing our Web Design Templates does not include the right to the graphics outside of the Web Design Templates and/or theme package.  Graphic copyright remains with the original designer.  The term "graphic" applies to all Web Design Template images such as bullets, buttons, icons, images, etc.