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Dedicated portfolio manager

Portfolios need to be constructed, but also managed.  This is one of the main activities of a Portfolio Manager. As a result of stock prices, bond prices or other assets prices change, the portfolio asset allocation may need to be re-balanced.  

Adapting certain strategies will impact performance and volatility.  This is all part of managing on a day-to-day basis your portfolio.

Active Asset Allocation Strategies

We prefer to use active asset allocation strategies.

To comply with individual client's investment policy and objectives. we may use a  constant mix or a constant proportion strategy to re-balance investments or to maintain original allocations.

We also periodically change the portfolio components or the components’ proportion within the portfolio to maximize return and minimize risk. 

Individual securities are added or deleted to increase performance, reduce risk or both. 

Our portfolios are built according to client's specific objectives, expectations, and constraints.  On taxable accounts, we manage portfolios on a segregated basis.

The portfolio manager remains at all-time your primary contact.