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Strategies Description
Merger Arbitrage We sometime take advantage of merger arbitrage opportunities.   This strategy is particularly attractive at time of liquidity crisis as spreads tend to widen significantly.   
Return Expectation Seek a min. of 4% per trade.
  EXAMPLES Bought 8 Aug 2011:   Zarlink (ZL:CN).  Sold Sep 25, 2011  Actual return 29%.  Holding period 9 weeks.

Bought 22 August 2011:  Temple Inland (TIN:US) Potential  return 22%+. Holding period to date 4 weeks weeks.  Current retrun 20%.

Event Driven We analyze events such as restructure, mergers, turnaround situations, structural change to seek superior performance return 
Return Expectation Seek a min of 20% expected return



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